Hawaii Paradise Womens Bracelet

Hawaii Paradise Womens Bracelet

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Size chart


Clasp 26cm with 3cm links adjustment | Adjustable 21cm circumference 6.5cm adjustment, slide the bead to the desired fit & tie a soft knot to keep the bead in place. 

Bracelets & Bangles 

Clasp 18cm with 1.5cm links adjustment | Adjustable 16cm circumference with 4cm adjustment, slide the bead to the desired fit & tie a soft knot to keep the bead in place


Cuffs are also designed to be adjustable, gently press the ends for a snug fit. 

 Size Diameter
Small 6cm
Medium  6.5cm
Large 7cm


Short 51cm with 1.5cm adjustment link | Long 54cm with 1.5cm adjustment link

Our wraps are versatile and can be worn three ways- a necklace, anklet, or bracelet. 

Necklace - Wrap once
Anklet - Wrap around twice
Bracelet - Wrap around three times

Materials: HillTribe Silver Polywax Cotton

Indulge in the beauty of Hawaii with our "Hawaii Paradise" Women's Bracelet. Handcrafted and stamped, this exquisite piece features Hilltribe Silver Sea Bubbles, reminiscent of the playful waves of the Pacific Ocean. The charm of the islands comes to life with every delicate detail, showcasing the artistry of our skilled artisans. Embrace the tranquility of the sea and the vibrant energy of Aloha and paradise with this unique accessory. The Polywax Cotton ensures a comfortable fit and durability, making it perfect for your everyday adventures. Wear the "Hawaii Paradise" Women's Bracelet as a symbol of your connection to the ocean's majesty and the allure of tropical dreams. Let it inspire you to seek paradise wherever you go and add a touch of Hawaiian charm to your style. 

Share the love with the Men’s Hawaii Bracelet.

Hand crafted and stamped Hilltribe Silver
Polywax Cotton
4cm adjustable cord

Measures at 8.5 – 12.5cm long.

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