Sea Life Anklet
Sea Life Anklet
Sea Life Anklet With Aqua Turquoise Stone
Hilltribe Silver Sea Life Anklet

Sea Life Anklet

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Size chart


Clasp 26cm with 3cm links adjustment | Adjustable 21cm circumference 6.5cm adjustment, slide the bead to the desired fit & tie a soft knot to keep the bead in place. 

Bracelets & Bangles 

Clasp 18cm with 1.5cm links adjustment | Adjustable 16cm circumference with 4cm adjustment, slide the bead to the desired fit & tie a soft knot to keep the bead in place


Cuffs are also designed to be adjustable, gently press the ends for a snug fit. 

 Size Diameter
Small 6cm
Medium  6.5cm
Large 7cm


Short 51cm with 1.5cm adjustment link | Long 54cm with 1.5cm adjustment link

Our wraps are versatile and can be worn three ways- a necklace, anklet, or bracelet. 

Necklace - Wrap once
Anklet - Wrap around twice
Bracelet - Wrap around three times

Materials: HillTribe Silver Polywax CottonTurquoise

Dive into the wonders of the ocean with our Sea Life Anklet. Delicately crafted with Hilltribe Silver starfish charms, this anklet captures the enchanting beauty of sea life. Adorned with tumbled turquoise stones, it echoes the mesmerizing colors of the ocean waves. Feel the connection to the sea and embrace its calming essence as you wear this anklet. Let the starfish symbolize resilience and renewal, reminding you to embrace life's currents and explore new horizons. The Sea Life Anklet is a testament to the mysteries and marvels of the deep blue, adding a touch of coastal elegance to your every step.

Hilltribe Silver Charms
Tumbled Turquoise Stones 

Our Sea Life Anklet is designed to be adjust by moving the bead and tying a single knot to hold it in place. Each piece is individually handmade and can slightly vary from images shown.

Also available in Sea Life Bracelet 

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