Rose Quartz & Paua Shell for October

Sending birthday wishes to all October babies!
You lucky lot are the special bunch to have two distinctive birthstones, one being the opal and the other, the lovely Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz also know as the ‘Heart Stone’ is characterised and widely recognised for it beautiful subtle pink colouring.
Rose Quartz is a common stone and found in large quantities in numerous locations around the world. The stone is formed as magma is pushed upward toward the crust of the earth, as it travels up it picks up different minerals bonding together to create quartz crystals, the presence of titanium then causes it’s rose-colored appearance.

With it’s secondary name ‘heart stone’ comes with its very appropriate healing properties, promoting love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

With opal being the second birthstone, we are excited to announce a very special long awaited opal collection is on it’s way and will be available in just few short weeks, however currently if you looking for a stone with similar beautiful iridescence of colours and patterns, the Paua Shell would be next in line.

The stone also known as the ‘Sea Opal’ has only ever been found in the seas of New Zealand. When viewed on different angles Paua shells colours change dramatically ranging from striking blues through to aquamarines to greens, with tints of purple and gold.

It is believed that Paua shell brings with it a number of spiritual properties for all those who carry it.  With it's most common properties to carry protection and emotional balance it is believed that those who keep the shell close to have  natural shielding especially for those navigating from a difficult relationship.